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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congrats Guys!

My friend Ritchie called me in my phone today. She has a baby boy now. Wow! Congrats my friend. I can’t wait to visit you. I really want to see your baby. I’m pretty sure he’s a cute little baby. Gosh! I’m envious of you coz you already have two kids. Unlike me- I have nothing. LOL! Well, we just can’t afford to have a baby right now especially in this time of economic crisis. Hopefully, we can have a baby 3 years from now. Hehehe! Funny me! God knows how much I want to have a baby. But, I’m sure he understands our situation. But, if he really gives us one then we’re very happy to accept it. He knows well everything. So let’s just see what’s going to happen. Anyway, I’m very proud of you. You did it! Now, you can start wearing your sexy dresses. Just kidding! So I’ll see you soon my friend. Congrats to both of you!

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yub personal page said...

wow! Most dad like baby boy.COngratss!