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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snowy Day!

I thought winter season is already over. I guess I’m wrong since it snowing today. I never thought it would be possible to have a snowy day in springtime. It’s pretty nasty weather. I might catch cold later. I feel crap. If I only knew that it’s going to snow, I would not bother going out for our dinner. Good thing I listen to my instinct to wear my thick jacket or else I’ll be in trouble freezing my skin. Now, I had a terrible headaches and body aches. Gosh! I better sleep early. It might help me relax. Grrrrrrr! I hate being sick like this. I can’t do anything inside the house other than sleeping. Hopefully, my pains will be gone. Anyway, I better go now. See you soon.


Imelda said...

weather is really unpredictable. btw, sis i have tag for u here at please check it out.

S-H-Y said...

As Imelda said weather is unpredictable...even here we got snow in the spring time but good for now because our temperature went up that almost we can lay in the grass.