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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Exercise Journal- Week 1

Two days ago, I started to do my exercise routine. I’ll try Billy Blank’s Tae Bo again. I used to do this when I was still in the Philippines. But, I stopped it a couple months ago. That’s why I’ve gained so much weight until I realize I need to stop procrastinating. Or else, I ended up being fat forever. This is already a wake up call for me since I can no longer fit my jeans. What a shame! Plus, I saw biggest loser last night. I saw how hard to be obese. It’s a risk. You’ll be prone for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. I was at risk already since my mom and grandfather suffers diabetes. Anyways, it’s really hard to exercise but I need to do this for my own sake and health. I’m already determined now. And, I wanted to lose at least 20 pounds so I could wear sexy dresses this summer. Or if I can’t lose 20 perhaps I’ll lose 15 pounds then I’m already happy with it. What’s important I eat healthy foods and exercise. That’s what matters most for me. I’ll be posting my weekly journal of this weight loss journey so you’ll know, too. Wish me luck guys!

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