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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 5 New Year's Resolution

Since it’s almost the end of the month of December, I want to asked you what’s gonna be your New Year’s Resolution. I’m sure most of you wanted some changes in your lifestyles and even habits. Sounds very hard to change but we can make it if we’ve plan it ahead and have a determination to succeed in our goals. I have so much in mind right now that I want to share. Perhaps we have the same in common and we’ll help each other make it a successful one. So what do you think? Just leave a comment in my post.

Here’s my top 5:

1. Lose weight- I’ve gained so much weight and I promise the next year I’ll start eating healthy foods and exercise. My goal is to get the ideal weight I wanted. So I can wear my swimsuit for the next summer. Wish me luck!
2. Think positive- I’m pessimistic sometimes and I wanted to erase that behavior this New Year.
3. Stop Procrastinating- This is the bad habit I have when I got here. I promise I’ll do whatever things should be done in time. This is the reason why my driver’s permit expires. LOL!
4. Get a job- I need to pass the road test so I could find a job soon. I know I can make it with God’s guidance.
5. Save money- I promise I would not buy any jewelries anymore or nonsense things. Instead, I’ll save money for our future and help pay some bills.