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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Last Wish Of A Dying Mom

Last night, I was watching a video from site. It was about a mom who had one last wish for her family. I’m sure some Filipinos are familiar with “ Wish ko lang”. It’s an episode where they grant wishes from letter senders. I used to watch this episode while I was still in the Philippines. And, I can’t help not to cry every time I watch it. It’s really heartbreaking. My husband was even wondering why I cried yesterday. He was asking what’s my problem. I could see that he was worried about it. But, I told him the reason and he was relief. LOL! After watching it, I realize how blessed I am having a wonderful life. That story changes my life. I use to complain to God why I have a life like this and never satisfied with what I have. But, as I watched the entire episode, I realize I should be thankful whatever I got even if it’s small or nothing. That woman who suffers from stage 4 lung cancer is such a strong and good person. I never heard complains in her mouth. She just wants the baby in her womb alive. All I hear from her is love and faith to God. She was really amazing. She’s a good model to all the moms out there. And, I’m so happy that the baby was fine. The baby was really a miracle to the family. God is really powerful and merciful. He grants the wish of the dying mom. It’s also nice to hear that there are still people who are willing to help and sacrifice for others. It's really a nice feeling. :)

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