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Friday, December 26, 2008

Heroes at Home Wish Registry from Sears

Christmas celebration is finally over. Done with food preparation and gift giving. I am sure most of you were embracing a great time celebrating Christmas with your family and friends. You might not able to describe the happiness you feel right now. It’s really a priceless gift to be with your family in this time of festivity. This is the second Christmas season I’ve been away with my family back home but I’m still very grateful that I have a wonderful husband with me.
I would say that this is the greatest Christmas I’ve ever had with my husband. I could not compare it with any material gifts that I’ve received from him. It’s really amazing. We are quiet very fortunate that we were able to celebrate Christmas together. Several families like the Military service members that were assigned in various countries were not lucky to see their families this holiday season. I could feel the pain they are experiencing right now.
It’s not easy to be departed with your love ones. That is why I want to show support for the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry program by donating a couple of dollars that I have in my pocket. It’s not that big amount of money but at least it will add up. Plus, the donations are not tax-deductible. So, it really can help a little bit. Guys, I encourage you to donate some cash to the Heroes at Home Wish Registry. I am sure that you will feel great about it. It’s better to give than to receive. LOL!


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