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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Cheesecake I Ever Have!

A couple days ago, we received a cheesecake from a good friend of ours. He was just thankful to hubby that he got his police badge back. Before we received the cake, he asked hubby what type of flavor I would like. My husband told him that I like a strawberry cake. So, it means he bake it for me. He is so sweet guy. LOL! The cheesecake was really delicious. We consume the whole cake for one day. Imagine that! It was the yummy cake I ever had in my life. I thought that he wasn’t the one who bakes the cake. But, I was wrong. He bakes goodies and sells it. How I wish I know the recipe so I could bake it myself. LOL! Just kidding! Today, I found out that he sells the cheesecake for $10 dollar. That’s not bad! He should sell it about $ 20. Gosh! I’m sure a lot of customer will buy his homemade goodies and cakes. I was even thinking of buying cakes from him and sell it to my friends. Hehehe! We even order another cheesecake for Christmas. This time we should try a peach flavor instead of strawberry. Gosh! No wonder I never lose weight. I have a sweet tooth. Wink* But, who can’t resist his cheesecake. You probably likes it too when you tasted it.

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iceah said...

it is not baked honey it is cold cooking and yes definitely delicious very c: