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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Can't I Lose Weight!

Losing weight has never been easy for me. It’s like a constant battle of defeating myself. Sometimes, I want to slap myself to wake up. I’ve done any kinds of approach such as diets, pills and exercise. But, it’s still the same. Nothing happens! It’s like a waste of time. I end up going back to my previous cycle. Yeah, I’m the one who is responsible for all of this. But, it’s hard. It’s hard to change the habits you used to be. It’s hard to keep up the exercise that makes you bored. It’s hard not to crave for all the food you love. Gosh! I don’t know what’s happening to me. I need to make a move or else I’ll suffer this consequences. Every time I look my body in the mirror, it makes me puke. I can’t even fit my clothes anymore. It’s bugging me so much. Why can’t I lose weight! I need to wake up. It’s me who has the problem. I need to fix this pretty soon. This is for the sake of my health. But, I’ll try my very best. I need to strictly regulate myself and establish a goal. A goal for a long lasting weight loss! I know I can make it.

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