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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ways to trim 100 calories a day

There are a lot of ways we can do to trim 100 calories a day. You can trim 100 calories a day by eating a little portion of your favorite food. We can also trim 100 calories or even more by doing some exercises or walking 30 minutes a day. It’s only a matter of discipline and determination to get the desired results. Too bad for me since I’m very busy eating junky foods and not doing any exercises. But, if you’re different and you really want to lose weight then this tips might work for you. LOL! I’ve read this article in the magazine and I want to share it with you guys. Who knows, it will help you lose weight.

-Eat only a one cup cooked pasta- its about the size of the tennis ball.
-Eat only the required serving size noted on the box of cereals.
-Use only one slice of bread on your sandwich.
-In dips and toppings, replace sour or whipped cream with vegetable dip.
-Replace any juices with fruits.
-Instead of frying meat, do broiling.
-Reduce the amount of dressing salads by about 2 tablespoons.
-Control the portion of your Popcorn snack.
-Instead of eating a cookie, spread a crisp cracker with a thin coat of jam.
-Switch to a 12-ounce soda instead of 20-ounce container of soda.
-Replace an 8-ounce glass of soda with unsweetened tea.
-If you put sugar or cream to your tea or coffee, use only half of it.
-If you drink alcohol, limit your daily consumption to one drink.

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