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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here, Birdy Birdy!

One of the pets I would like to get is a bird. Perhaps, a parrot bird since they are the most intelligent type of birds I’ve ever seen. I still recall the parrot inside the restaurant while I was still in the Philippines. The parrot would say “pangit” if he thinks you’re ugly and “ gwapa” if he thinks you’re beautiful. It was really funny. We were laughing since we don’t want to be called ugly by that bird. LOL! I don’t know how they trained that bird. He is a pretty smart bird. Gosh! I wish I own that smart bird. Anyway, a couple months ago, we saw a flock of birds in our backyard. We were amaze since it’s really rare to see a flock of birds migrated in our backyard. They might be looking for insects, fruits or seeds in our little garden. No wonder my husband keeps telling me to purchase birdfeeders and put it in our backyard. It’s one of the easiest ways to attract birds. Plus, I feel pity watching small creatures looking for food. At least, I found a site selling various type of birdfeeders. In fact, I feel in love with the beauty of the feeders available at site. One of my favorites is the Perky-Pet Songbird Pavilion. You can see the picture above this post. It’s really cute. Guys, you probably like it.

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