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Friday, October 3, 2008

Similar People Widget Launch

There are many reasons why I blog. I blog since it helps me express my feelings and emotions. My blog is describing who I am as a person inside and out. It allows me to show my true self. I can say and post whatever I want no matter what other people say. It also gives me the opportunity to earn extra money and connect with other people. I can see people that have similar ideas or I can gain new insights through reading others blogs. Blogging is really incredible. It helps me gain more friends around the globe. Speaking of Social Networking, I found a great website called MyTribe. The Mytribe similar people widget connects you to people who share your personal sense of style, humor, art, music, food and more.
With similar people you can:

- Show visitors how similar you are to them.
- Discover and be discovered by people like you.
- Expose your blog to people that share your sensibilities.
- Tap into recommendations from your most similar people.

So if you want to expose you blog to people like you then you better sign up now. It’s only free. Learn more & get the widget by embedding it in the sidebar of your blog.


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