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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UberSpat - Online Debating Community

Do you guys love debates? I know some of us like debates especially if the topic is all about politics. I just found a site that seems very interesting. UberSpat is an online debating community that allows users to submit debates on any topic of their choosing. Isn’t it great? Interesting! Huh! UberSpat also allows users to submit evidence to debates, such as articles or blog entries. Other users can rate this evidence too. One debate that captures my attention was entitled ” "The media is blatantly supporting Barack Obama's presidential bid". I would say that this is precisely correct. Almost everyday, either in the news or newspapers you would notice that the media supported Obama’s Candidacy. You can hear praises of his works and positive feedbacks toward Obama. So how about you guys? What do you think? Please leave a comment by visiting the site.

1 comment:

brief sentiments said...

i think obama is good compare to the other guy but that doesn't mean he is a saint. he is just one of those dirty politicians with greedy motives for money. he is just good at hiding it.. lols
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