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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are you a fashion savvy?

Are you fashion savvy? If so then you better sign up to StyleHop site. It helps you gain more fashion styles and marketing experience. Their mission is to build the most trusted, up-to-date, reliable source for smart people to share their style preferences and make better style decision. This is really helpful to those who love fashion and college students. You’ll find in their site the fashion shopping engines that help you find something to buy. They will show you the top styles ranked the way you want to see them. The style rankings provide a totally unique shopping experience: the ability to see top ranked styles based on whom you define as your fashion peers (could be your friends or women from your school, sorority, your town or somewhere far, far away! You can also sign up for their Style Hop Games. This is somewhat fun and competitive style ranking games. They used these games to give you a StyleHop score that objectively measures your fashion savvy against all other users. Isn’t it great? Fun! Huh! I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy playing this game. You can play against your friends in your own league or against all other StyleHop users. So if you want to know what fashion that hit today then join the alpha launch of their website now. Play fashion cents and you can win $50. Great! This is good for college students who love fashion or a fashion maven. This is really interesting since I love fashion too. I found out that my fashion does not exist anymore. Lol! This is really helpful for me. I’m happy I found this site since I learn a lot for new fashion and styles. You’re not only gaining marketing experience but you’ll get new ideas and tips from fashionista members as well. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and join now.

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