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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

20 ways to burn calories

Guys, do you want to lose some weight? If so then you better start doing some of the tips that I'm going to post. I've read this article from the email I received today. This is an essential topic to those who want to lose extra pounds. Perhaps, it will lead you to weight loss success. But, be sure to follow this tips to get results.

Here's 20 ways to burn calories:

1. Vaccuming
2. Gardening
3. Walking
4. Jogging in place
5. Dancing
6. Irioning clothes
7. Badmenton
8. Housework
9. Volleyball
10. Golfing
11. Swimming
12. High impact aerobics
13. Car waxing
14. Frisbee
15. Take the stairs
16. Pushing baby strollers
17. Mowing the lawn
18. Painting
19. Weight training
20. Biking

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