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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WarGames 25th Anniversary Back in Theaters


Hey! Guys! Do you have your own favorite movies from the 80's? It just popped up in my mind the memories of the past. We know that movies from the 80's are the thing of the past, but they will forever be remembered. Its like an old song that will be played over and over again. I just recall when i was still a kid. Our rich neighbors has that big screen t.v. in their house. They played different movies every hours. But, of course, we have to pay 1 peso for watching each movie we watch. And, one movie that i wont forget was entitled " The evil dead" by Bruce Campbell et al. It was like a cult classic type of a movie. It was really scary. But, i like scary movies. That was the first scary movie i saw. I cant stop to laugh when i recall it. Funny! Anyway, if you can still recall the movie WarGames by Matthew Broderick. He stars in this sci-fi thriller about a hacker who unwittingly gets the chance to play a game with the US Military's war computer. This movie was great too. So, if you are longing to watch it again. Then, you're lucky enough. You can now watch WarGames 25th Anniversary event playing in select theaters nationwide on Thursday, July 24th. The showing is one night only and will include never-before-seen interviews with film’s creators and the cast (including Broderick and Ally Sheedy) and crew on how the movie was ahead of its time and its relevance today. Additionally, only at this one night event, get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames: The Dead Code. So what are you waiting for. This is your chance to watch this great movie of all times. Enjoy the movie!

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