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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vin Diesel- My Crush

Hey! Guys! Do you still have crush even if your already married? Is it natural for you to get admired especially actors and actresses. I think, there's nothing wrong with admiration as long you're not in love with the person. lol! Anyway, one of my crush is an actor. He was Vin Diesel, an actor, director, writer and producer. Wow! I really admire him especially in the movies. Gosh! I'm crazy with him. lol! If you can recall his movie entitled the "fast and the furious" . Holy cow! I love it! I love his role in that movie. I cant wait his upcoming movie entitled "fast and the furious". It will released in June 2009. So, its a little bit of waiting. Anyways, I research online about Vin Diesel. I found out that he has Italian and African ancestry. Diesel has never met his biological father, and was raised by his African-American stepfather, Irving, an acting instructor and theatre manager. he said that he changed his name to "Vin Diesel" while working as a bouncer, because in that business one's real name is not usually given out. The name "Vin" is simply a shortened version of "Vincent". He received the nickname "Diesel" from his friends who said he ran off diesel, referring to his non-stop energy. He has a fraternal twin brother named Paul and a sister named Samantha. Vin Diesel has a daughter, born April 2, 2008, with his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez. So, how about your guys? Whose your crush?

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