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Thursday, July 10, 2008

How do i look?

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I still remember when my hubby visited me in the Philippines. He told- he was attracted to my look the first time he saw me from the plane. He cant even hardly wait to get his bags just to hug me tightly. He feels very excited and happy that time. Of course, I was happy too. At last, we meet in person for many years of communication. I asked him whats the reason he easily get attracted to me the first time we meet. He chuckled saying that It was my eyes of excitement that attracts his attention. And, the way I behave myself to others made him more crazy. Chucks! I hope he was not joking. lol! Well, i never flirt that much with guys. I don't want to get embarrassed. I just look exactly the same pose in my picture below. Nothing more and Nothing less. Maybe, thats the reason my hubby gets attracted to me. But, one thing, i notice when i go out. If guys would smile at you, you'll smile back. Then, that's what makes them like you more. Another thing, i just behave properly. Just simple! Nothing fakes! Just be yourself! Its not right if you flirt too much. Guys will think your easy to get. So, I'm very careful with that. Anyway, how about making an effort to obtain a Victory Hair. Almost all guys are more attracted to girls who have a beautiful and stylish hairs. That's the first thing they will compliment. So, if you really need some transformation of your look and get easily notice. Why not used Extreme Style by VO5 that will helps you achieved the beautiful hair you deserved. I'm pretty sure, you'll be more noticeable by you crush. That way, you wont try very hard to get his attention. Right! So, if you want to have some fun. Visit the site and play for the Ultimate Flirting Championship. See for yourself and enjoy the game. Lets see whose the best flirt in town. lol!

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