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Thursday, July 17, 2008

TrafficXplode 2.0 Usage

One way to produce traffic into our own sites is to visit other sites. That way, there might be possibilities that they will pay you back a visit. But, doing so is really a daunting task to do. Its hard to visit each site especially if you have more important things to settle first. But, there are other ways that we could make it easier for us. Like the a site i have just visited. Its unique and its like a tell a friend solution. TrafficXplode2.0 is a hosted tell-a-friend system that can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of sites. And, it can even integrated to any free sites you've join. Isn't it great? Cool! Huh! The unique feature of the tool is to be able to integrate with The purpose of using the tool is to generate traffic to the sites leveraging visitors contacts/friends. The TrafficXplode2.0 was designed with owners, visitors and invitees in mind. Each party will all benefit by using TrafficXplode2.0. First, the owner will gain more traffic with his/her sites. Second, the visitor will have a free gift. Lastly, the invitee will get to know about a great resource that might potentially be something of value. Whats nice with this tool is that you can see in your screen how many messages you have that day. That way, you will know how many people visited you site in a particular day. This is really great. You don't have to make more efforts to generate traffic from your sites because TrafficXload2.0 will do it for you. So what are you waiting for guys. Visit and look for yourself.


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Imelda said...

have u tried on this, sis? Isnt this what we need? before i try it, i wana read a testimony first of its effectiveness.