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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too much!

I was really pissed off tonight when i read one message in my inbox. One guy told me some derogatory comments that makes me offended. I never did something to him. And, why the hell he reacted like that. Why he cant mind his own business. He throw specks to somebody without even looking his own speck. What the hell! I never hurt somebody. I'm not criminal and I never mind other's business either. I just tried my best to earn at least for a little cash and not be bored at home. But, why some people doesn't care other's feelings. To you, who make my day really bad. Will you please mind your own business. And, I'll tell you something. I don't care who you are and I'm not afraid of you. I never hurt you and anybody else. I have the right to do whatever i wanted to do. So, if you feel you don't like it. Then, shut up your mouth. I already told my friend about your comments. She was offended by your comments too. I hope you'll realized your mistakes. We don't salute a man like you. That's not a real man's action. Or, perhaps, you're not a real man. lol! We doesn't deserved such behavior you have. (Bastos) I hope you know that!


Madel said...

sure we can exchange links add me first then I will add u when ur done let me know..

Katelove's said...

Hello sis joy, I agree with you, i received a comment too sa isang tao na d ko rin kilala, iwan ko sa kanya, sobrang bastos din, wla modo, Sobrang na high blood din ako kagabi, kasi i don't mind other business nman at ska i don't throw bad or any negative comments to anybody. Ewan ko bakit may taong wlang magawa sa buhay. Kung d ang mki-alam sa iba. Anyway, d nlng natin yan pansinin sis kasi tayo ang talo. Inggit lng yan sa atin. We should keep on going, Pro nakakainis talaga. hehehe, Ingat sis and have a great day!

armywife24 said...

hmm same thing happen to me, nag comment sya , aba ge pintasan amo pic ni kris pati ako camera.. hmmm maka lagot gyud :)

stev & emz said...

hope he is not bugging u anymore.. =)

Dezz said...

don't mind them sis.. nagpapansin lang yan.. Keep smiling!
May mga taong ganyan, KSP or nagseselos lol.

Avee said...

hoorayy don't ruin your day because of bad comments, they are jealous that's all i can say to them.

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Tom said...

KSP lang siguro. Just don't mind him or his likes lest your BP would spike. Don't get mad, get even.

Tina said...

Sorry you had a bad experience with a commenter. Don't let bad people get to you. That's what they want. Just ignore them, and continue being the good person that you are.

Imelda said...

hi dont mind that man dear. he just wanted to get attention. i hope i have not received the same comments. i hane read on my comments yet