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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Political Jokester

If you're familiar with Glenn Beck . Then, I'm sure you cant resist not to watch his show over and over again. As we know that Glenn Beck is one of the popular radio/ television host in the country. He was also a frequent critic of political correctness. Beck was most well known by his political comedy. In fact, his show contains less news than discussion about politics, conservative and social humor. I even make my own political satire video. You can watch the video above my post. This video is only intended for fun. Hope you'll enjoy watching it. Anyway, one of the video i like most from his show was entitled "History of Illegal Immigrants". I really enjoy watching this video since it relates to the history of Illegal Mexican Immigrants many years ago. He even make the video in a funny way using a cartoon character of him narrating the history. That's what i really like from him and the topics of his show. He make funny things but the point of the topic and his opinion was still there. To remind to the public what's not correct and how it should be corrected. Specifically, the politics itself. So, if you want to watch all the previous video you've missed from his show. Then, visit his website You can also find here all his blogs, books, shows and events. And, don't forget his Show this coming July 17th Beck '08 that will be simulcast LIVE to 350 theaters nationwide. So, hurry now and get your ticket now.

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