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Friday, July 11, 2008

Paying Bills

I still remember the time when i arrived here in America. The first week i got here - my hubby got fired from work. Why? we don't know! We were devastated that time for all the bills were stocking up each month. We really don't know what to do. Since, we need to settle first my permanent residency here in America. We should pay for my adjustment of status w/c was very high price. My hubby received his unemployment payment each month. But, it was not enough for all the bills. I would say that time was my worst experience I ever had in my life. Imagine, he never got work for about 4 months. We only depend for the unemployment insurance every two weeks. That's why my hubby decided to borrow some money from his friends. That way, we could pay our mortgage payment w/c is very important. We don't want our house to be foreclose. It would be more trouble if we doesn't pay it. Sometimes, we just pay all the important ones like credit cards. We really find ways how to get out of debts. Though, he always posted his Resume online and looking for jobs. Unfortunately, he never got one that four months frame. I almost give up. But, he keeps on telling me that everything would be fine. At least, we are lucky enough to do what is right. Or else we were in trouble right now. We never spend our money to unimportant things. We never eat outside so we could save. We cut off our cable and any subscriptions we have before. Just to settle important bills we had. Thankfully, it really works for us. So, guys, if you experience the same headache like us. I can recommend you for a site that will help you. At you can now find Debt help for all the monthly bills that never been paid and Credit card debt. If you are among the family who want to file Bankruptcy , they can help you too. If you want to know how to switch one Debt consolidation to another. Then, they are right thing and answer of your needs. They are really a big help to those who suffer bad credit card debts. So guys what are you waiting for. If you want Debt relief and advise from debt experts. Then, visit the site now and know your Bills IQ . Maybe, it will help you to become more aware of what the right thing to do.

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I use Microsoft Movie maker to put the two together. But before I do that I have to convert my video to a microsoft wave video (.wav) using
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Anonymous said...

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