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Friday, July 11, 2008

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my Loving Father. I wish you papa more happiness and good health. Thanks so much for all the support and love you've given to us. You don't know how thankful we are to have such wonderful father in our lives. If, I'll choose again for a father- it will be you. I wont asked for more. You are the best father in the whole world. I really wish i was there for the celebration. But, I'm too far away to celebrate your birthday. Whats important, you'll enjoy your birthday. I know how much you love us. Don't worry for me here. I'm very much in good condition. All i pray to God is that you'll remain in good health. Love you so much my papa. Sorry if i don't have gift yet. Maybe, ill send it later. Love yeah... Keep in touch...

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