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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I sign up for Socialspark!

I've been blogging since last year. But, i never know I could earn money through blogging. Until, my friend urge me to try signing up to all advertising companies. She also introduce me to Socialspark. I notice that its unique from other advertising companies. So, i never waited so long to make my own profile. For the last three months, i been active member of Socialspark. And, i really like it. I have gained so much friends from around the world with the help of this community. As we all know, SocialSpark is designed for blog marketing, blog advertising and Social networking. That means, Socialspark is a way to connect advertiser and blogger. They also help monetize your blog, build community and drive traffic. So, i realized- why not give a try to submit my blog. Maybe, they would accept it. Then last week, i submitted my blog after it became three months older. Thankfully yesterday, i received an email from Socialspark that my blog was approved. I was really happy. I cant believed it. At last, i can start working with them and earn a little cash in my pocket. That would probably make my hubby glad for helping him of our monthly bills especially this time of economic downfall. But, i know its not the only reason we join this community- we want friends as well. Second thing, i also love to express my honest opinion of a certain product, services, companies and valuable feedback to advertisers. It does not only makes my mind more developed but will also give me information of the Internet world as well. So, if you love to express your thoughts and opinions in your own unique way. Then, why not try signing up or make your own profile at SocialSpark. Perhaps, this would lead you to gain more friends and even earn extra cash. Sign up now! Try adding me as well in you friends list. See you...
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