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Monday, June 30, 2008

The FireWorks Display Video

I've promise in my previous post that i would post a video of the Fireworks Display during the annual festival held between Canada and Detroit. Well, here it is now. I just want to share my happiness and excitement of such wonderful event. Lol! As you can recall, that's my first time to witness Fireworks Display in my entire life. And, i really love it. Oh! Pity me! Who cant resist looking the beautiful colors of the sky with different forms and shapes. Gosh! You would definitely love it too. Especially, the crowd yelling and enjoying the night. That was really amazing. I even see the beauty of huge buildings and blinking lights of the Country "Canada" at night time. The country i dream to visit one day. That dreams will be coming true and soon to happen. I still remember when i was still a kid. I've promise that someday i would able to see Canada. Now, it really does happening. I can even get there in just half an hour. Sorry guys! my happiness is just so shallow. Well, at least- it makes me feel better. Lol....

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