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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hollywood Love Lines

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One of the memorable lines I've heard was in the movie entitled "Titanic" starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. It was when rose says to jack the lines "why you think a first class girl cant drink? after drinking a glass of beer. Its really possible for a wealthy women to do what she never done before just in the name of love. This actually works for guys since they like a women who are simple and down to earth. A good behavior is more than winning a Victory Hair. So, how about you guys? Whats your most winning points to guys out there. I just joined the game from Extreme Style by VO5. I really enjoyed it! You'll be asked couple of questions testing how good you are in flirting. The one who wins will be paired to you. You even have a chance to chat in the message board. Its quite awesome! So, how about you guys test yourself by joining the Ultimate Flirting Championship. I also encourage you to grab your own widget and put it in your blog. Let's see whose the best flirt in town. Lol!

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