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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Healthy Vending Machine

Obesity is very prevalent here in America. In fact, kids were much more prone for this kind of disease. But, there are certain ways we could prevent such epidemic. By educating our children for choosing the right and proper nutrition. And, we should be certain that they will keep on track on proper diet. Teach them to have time for exercise. Another thing, we should be aware of those vending machine in their school since kids will probably purchase some of the snacks there. But, as i research online- i found a company that offer the Schools Natural and Organic products for vending machines. YoNaturals Vending facilitates school nationwide with the programs that includes Healthy Vending Machines, Delivery and Install, Specialized menus for each School, Vending training, Nationwide Fulfillment for over 500 healthy snacks and Card Payment Systems (credit/debit). Isn't it amazing? So, I'm sure parents wont worry anymore. If, we know that our kids bought healthy snack. Right! We should help this program be initiated into the schools for the good future of our children. Its better to be aware than sorry.

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