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Monday, July 7, 2008

Glenn Beck's Blogging

Hey guys! Do you know Glenn Beck ? Or have watch his show? if so, you know what I'm talking about. Right! I like his show. He had very interesting episodes and very informative. I like all his conviction and views of every topic he discussed. That's what made me like him too. I even browse online to see his own website. You will find here his blogs, studio store, books he write, magazines and current events. As we all know, almost all his topics were about politics. His show really helps a lot to those who wanted politics discussion. Sometimes, he is funny. But, there's meaning behind all his beliefs and views of his topics. That's why, it makes him more popular around the world. I even read his blog about the topic entitled "Raping Children Not all that serious". Its about the supreme courts ruling on death penalty to child rapes. He got the point of what he says in that blog. I agree with him. So, if you want to read all his blogs. I recommend visiting his site . You will find here very interesting topics. By the way, Don't forget his "Glenn Beck's Summer Political Tour '08". The golden circle seating package includes: premium seat, Glenn Beck bag of goodies w/c is golden circle exclusive, Beck '08 hat (golden circle exclusive) and Glenn's retired Christmas tour DVD. Then, to those near Dallas. He got "Dallas Show" on July 17 which will be broad casted nationally. So, select movie theater near your area. Enjoy!

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