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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Excuse Me?

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I still remember in my college days. One of the pick-up lines that hit that days was "haba ng hair mo pare" means, you've got long and pretty hair man. Its the pick-up lines used after somebody flattered your appearance. Like for example: a guy would tell that you've got a sexy black hair. Then, somebody will tell you that pick-up lines for some compliments. So, its kinda related the way you get more attention from anybody. For me, being a women- there are certain things to get notice from guys. Its not only the way you flirt but its all about the way you behave yourself. As what, i mention in my previous post about tips of winning a Victory Hair. That, we should take good care of our hair by taking some vitamins and eating healthy foods that gives supplement to each pores and strands. Another thing, using a proper products like Extreme Style by VO5 will help it achieve your goal of a beautiful hair. This unique products is the secret of making your messy hair get back to a more stylish one. That way, you don't need to try hard flirting just to get notice by your crush. He will surely love the way you look by your stylish looking hair. So, are you ready to test you flirting skills? Then, play the game for Ultimate Flirting Championship. You'll surely enjoyed it. Let's see who will be the best flirt in town! lol!

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