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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drive Traffic Using Zookoda

One way to drive traffic to your site is to visit other sites daily. There would be a huge possibility that they will visit you back. Its one way of attracting new readers and encouraging regular visitors. But doing so is really a daunting task to do especially if you work full time and have important thing to do everyday. And, if we visit sites, we cant guarantee to visit them all. Right! But, there are couple of ways we could do to build more traffic. If you heard Zookoda, you probably know what I'm talking about. Zookoda is an email marketing application designed specifically for blogger. Zookoda enables you to send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your latest blog posts directly into your visitors inbox. Isn't that amazing? You don't have to do hard time visiting and letting them know about your latest blog posts. Zookoda will be there to do it for you. Cool! huh! And, guess what? Its only free... You don't have to pay it. Unlike other application- you'll certainly pay in order for your site to get traffic. That's another expense if we pay every month just to drive traffic. Another thing, Zookoda is designed for blogger, zookoda enables you to promote your blog with the use of professional email newsletters. Zookoda is the blogger's complete email marketing solution. Wow! This is great way to build more traffic to my site. I wont worry anymore visiting each of my friend's sites. Just simply create a mailing list and subscription form and I'm good to go. You can also create your own templates, include images in your design and rearrange your content. Cool! So guys what are you waiting for. Visit Zookoda and register now for free. Let's build more traffic! lol!
Here are things Zookoda can do:

Zookoda enables you to:
- Manage email newsletter subscribers.
-Enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms.
-Design eye-catching newsletters to match your blog design.
-Schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month.
-View real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports.
-Access mobile users by emailing blog content in text format.

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