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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bling your own gnomes


One of my hobby in life is playing online games. Anything that would make my day fun while at home. Just to kill the time doing nothing. You know what i mean. I'm not choosy of what kind of games I'll play as long as its free. If you can recall, the game named Mario. You can play that at any locations in the Philippines. You can even find kids playing it in the streets. Sometimes, it will make your purse drained. You just cant resist not to play over and over again. Its very addictive process. lol! I find it very enjoyable. Well, we can splurge sometimes. Whats the meaning of life if you're not enjoying it. Right! But, if you want free game that would really give you fun. Then, ill recommend you to visit for free game or purchase a subscription. I'm sure, you'll have more fun. You might ask what is all about behind this game. Well, dungeon runners is a free MMORPG set in 3D fantasy world. This fighter hero will be team up with gnomes. Bling Gnome is a tricked-up helper gnome with a bit of attitude that will follow your character around and pick up all the gold dropped on the ground (that was intended for you to pick up) auto-magically. This way you don't have to go running around and pick it up all the gold yourself, the little gangster will do it for you. Sounds fun! huh! This small and funny creatures has the abilities to picked up the drop items and eat them converting it to gold. I wanted my own gnome to resemble the same as seen in the picture below since they were my helper and cutie. I bling it with funny and hippy customes with knives on it for them to help me for the battle. lol! Funny! So, if you're among the computer game addict and looking for fun. Then, bling gnome is the right for you. Just make sure to be creative in dressing your gnomes. So, you'll have more fun. Visit the site now. Enjoy the free game. You'll surely love it.

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Demcy Apdian-Dias said...

just wondering did your Bling out your Dungeon Runners with Bling Gnomes approved? Thanks!