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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trash Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday celebrated in several countries of the western world, most commonly in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and occasionally in parts of Australia. Halloween activities includes trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires and of course costume parties wearing Halloween costumes. I still remember my very first Halloween celebration i witnessed here. I almost screamed when i opened the door. I was scared and my hands trembling. Who the hell will not scream seeing the kids wearing scary costumes. They were our neighbors knocking in front of our door yelling. My hubby never told me that its one of the traditions here in America. The kids will knock the door yelling "trick or treat" to solicit a gift of candy. I never experience such activities while i was still in the Philippines. Yeah, i saw it in television and movies. But, i never experience it in reality. No wonder my hubby allow me to open the door. It's because he wanted to make fun of me. To see how i react when i saw those kids. lol! He was laughing at me after it happened. I never talk to him until he treat me for an ice cream. lol! Anyway, i already know now and never be trick anymore. Speaking of costumes, i found a websites that sells various selections of Halloween costumes for adults, teens, kids and toddlers. You could choose any types of costumes you liked. You could find through their vast collection of funny adult Halloween costumes as well as sexy adult female Halloween costumes. I like most of their featured costumes that really fits for the occasion. But, i don't like some of their funny costumes. It looks like the one who will wear it will get in trouble. Like the pictures below.

People might tease or laugh at you if you wear this funny costumes.

But, to some it all- they got all the Halloween costumes you'll surely like. Time is very fast. We don't know, it might be time for us to celebrate Halloween party. So, you might want to start looking for Halloween costumes that fits your taste. I recommend visiting to see huge and great selections of Halloween costumes. You might find here the costumes you really liked. Have fun!

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