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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Im Thankful To God Today

I'm very thankful that I was approved at our Interview today. God is really good. Our interview went well. Maybe just 10 minutes of chit chat with the interviewer. Then that's it... He just asked us about our relationship. If we are really living together in one house. If how did we met and if we meet each of our family members. He also asked me some questions we answered in the permanent residence application form. After that, he told us - i will receive my Greencard in a couple of weeks. He congratulated us and we say thank to him. At least, this is over now. Ill just wait for 2 years to apply again for 10 year permanent residency card. yahoo......... All I'll do for now is to constantly practice driving. So, I could passed my road test and start to find job. Its really hard to find job when you don't have drivers license. Not only the employers look for your driving record but you also need a car to used going to workplace. That's why i need to have my drivers license now. So, i could start building my life here in America. I could help my hubby with all the expenses. Well, i need to be optimistic for a positive results to happen. But, of course with all God's help. I will not succeed without his help. So, i just keep praying that all my wishes will be coming true. Chucks.....

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Anne said...

Sus congrats sistah...sugod na ug pang ngalap ug don't have to worry about the 10 years greencard ining file nimo kay wala naman na interview.