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Friday, June 6, 2008

I Missed Lechon (roasted pig)

We Filipinos traditionally prepared lechon every time we celebrate special occasions like Christmas, new year, anniversaries and birthdays. It seems its already part of our culture to cook various Filipino foods for visitors and love ones. One dish that's presents in every occasions was lechon. Some cant afford to buy whole lechon. But, there are options- you can buy it by kilos in public markets or in restaurants. Lechon is already part of my life. My parents been selling lechon since i was a child. I even remember when i was still a little kid- i used to eat the tail of lechon almost everyday. No wonder I'm getting bigger when i was in high school. You just cant resist the yummy taste and crispy skin of roasted pig. It made me even eat more. ohhh I'm missing it now.... Wish i could purchase lechon here. But sad to say- i cant find lechon in our place. My friend told me if i know how to cook it. I told her its not an easy work to do. It takes a long process- i cant also kill a pig. lol....

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americandream said...

wow, lechon...yum,yum,yum....naglaway ko...i swear...LOL!