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Monday, June 2, 2008

First and Last

Tagged by Fel. Thanks :)

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F I R S T :
* First real job: Fire Officer-I , Bicol Region
* First screen name: joyel23
* First funeral: I forgot when and where was that.
* First pet: Doggie
* First piercing: Ear piercing when i was still 2months old.
* First tattoo: Nope, thats only makes my skin dirty.
* First credit card: Cuone
* First kiss: My first boyfriend.
* First enemy: My classmate before who used to call me fat" tambok". lol

L A S T:
* Last car ride: My hubby's truck when i got my daily driving practice.
* Last kiss: When hubby got home.

Tagging : Pretty Retche, Marilyn, Sheryl , Shiela , Sweet lily and VHILMA


Lily said...

Hello Joyb thanks for including me in your tag,I will try to do it as soon as I had a chance got so busy this past few week since I started my regular jobs hardly time to bloghop.

Happy Tuesday tc always.

Vannie said...

hi Joy! How's driving lessons? wah, i should get back in the wheel soon. it's been 2 years since i stopped.

scared to drive again after bumping it many times. ahahaha