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Monday, May 5, 2008

What a Great Day!

Its really a great day today... First thing, i already received my appointment letter for the upcoming interview from the Immigration. For many months of waiting at last i got it now. I almost lost my patients and hope that the immigration might lost our application. At least i feel relief now that we already have our interview schedule. Though, i got mixed emotions of excitement and fears that we might screwed up in our interview. But I'm still hopeful that it will turn out fine in our interview day. Fingers crossed and constant prayers only....
Second thing, i got a couch signature checkbook wallet w/c i never expected. My hubby never told me about buying a wallet. He surprised me, i never thought he'll bought me one until i receive it from the mail man. Well, I'm so glad and touch my hubby is full of surprises. I wish he will not change and keep on being a wonderful husband. lol... that's what we like girls....
I still remember last Christmas, he also surprise me with a diamond necklace and ring. I never expected it too. No wonder he wanted me to turn on the light. Its because my 2 little gifts is in front of my computer. how sweet... lol! Wish some more diamond in the future.... hehhehehe..

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