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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday Night

Yesterday, we went to Asian Village- a popular bar here in Detroit. We arrived there early waiting for many hours for the bar to get started. I was with my Filipina friend who happened to be the lover of my hubby's comrade. What i really like with my friend chona, shes very cool person and never change. Shes been here for 25 years but she still able to retain the Filipina traditions.
But, its sad to say there were instances that i encountered snobbed Filipinos. Like when we're in the bar, we saw two Filipinos who were snobbed. We asked the guy if he was Filipino and he answered yes. But after that he left without even saying something. I just cant understand why they got such attitude. To think they were Filipinos. Anyway, i cant stopped them to treat us like idiot. That's their choice... i don't care. Perhaps, they would realized their mistakes and change the way they treat their race. Anyway, to sum it all- we enjoyed our night dancing and have some drinks. Though, the bar was really crowded- it doesn't stopped us to make a groove. lol!
Probably, we will go back there again soon for more fun. I really enjoyed it.....

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