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Thursday, May 15, 2008

SocialSpark Is Live

I've been asking my friends what websites that hits & monetize your blog. Then, one of my friends introduced me to SocialSpark . I immediately visited the website and make my own profile. I find it very interesting because your not only gaining friends from around the world but you earn money as well. Though, you'll need to wait for your blog to be 3 month old before it will be approved but at least its worth waiting for. Once, your blog is approved, you can start browsing for opportunities from various advertisers and make your opinion of a certain products and services you choose. SocialSpark helps monetize your blog, build community and drive traffic. As a matter of fact, i started to communicate with friends through this community. Its pretty amazing how easy you can learn from different person's point of views, experiences and cultures after reading their blogs. One of My friend profile captures my attention because of its unique content and the way she manages her busy schedule working while she still able to find time with her children. I really appreciate her being strong and struggles for the sake of her family. Shes among the blogger who got traffic and high props from her profile and blogs. What i like most with SocialSpark is that its not only making you gain friends from around the world but you benefit as well for earning your own income. Especially, if your at home individuals finding ways to earn a little income just to help pay bills and everyday expenses. Perhaps, this would be a great opportunity for you to at least enjoy the moment with your family and earn at the same time. So guys, what are you waiting for, join us now and start building traffic to your blogs and earn money. If your interested please visit My Profile and don't hesitate to sign up your own account and add me to your friends list. By reading my profile, you could know me better from my previous and latest post of my daily experiences dealing with my marriage and challenges from various aspects of my life.

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