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Saturday, May 17, 2008

How do you know your man cheated on you?

Do you guys experience infidelity? I'm talking here about your man or husband cheating on you.
I know some of us encountered this kind of devastating and emotional trials in our lives that somehow changes our views on finding the right man for us. Through all the heartaches we perceived makes us even more stronger and we'll learn a great lesson. Based on my experiences from my previous relationship and my friend's broken marriages. I come up with question on how to find out if our guys were unfaithful to us. I have been asking various questions from friends whose marriages were annulled and family broke up. There were several signs you could detect your boyfriend or hubby had an affair with another girl. Some of their answers were almost similar and some were not.
Here's some of the signs your boyfriend/husband was cheating on you:
1. He never says i love you anymore where he used to do.
2. He forgets to greet you in your special day or valentines day.
3. He never ask your anymore for a date where you usually do.
4. He always had an excuse like being busy at work.
5. He never texted you or call you anymore the way he used to do before.
5. When your together in a date, he excuses to go somewhere but he made a call. of course, you don't know why and who he was calling.
6. if ever he got his cellphone you wonder he is always texting or he hides it from you.
7. He even bring his cellphone when he poofs or if he went to bathroom.
8. Look your monthly phone bill- its getting bigger.
9. He 's conscious about his appearance. no wonder he always take a bath, smells good and always dress up when he goes out.
10. He acts different and argues with you a lot.
11. You see recurring numbers appears in his cellphone or unfamiliar names in his emails/phonebook.
12. He does not kiss or hug you goodbye anymore.
13. He always comes home late at night.
14. Always hangs up with friends late at night.
15. Have hard time talking or looking at you.
16. You rarely have sex or none at all. (no emotions anymore)
17. When there is rumors of him having an affair with other women.( though not all rumors is true)
18. Smells of uncharacteristic smell of perfumes or sexual odours.
19. He is too defensive when you asked where he goes and why he comes home late.
20. Almost all women intuition were correct. If you feel your husband or boyfriend cheated on you, chances your correct.
These are some signs of infidelity that i gathered based on my own experience in my past boyfriend and my friends observations from their broken relationships and marriages. So, feel free to comment if you feel my observations were wrong. Perhaps, this doesn't appear to be correct at all. But, all of this were just answers from people who experienced it.

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