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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prepaid Phonecards

When i was still in the Philippines, my hubby used to call me almost everyday. He was been using his mobile phone from a company who provides phone services and Internet just to communicate with me for three years. I'm pretty sure, it cost a lot to call your love ones abroad.
I even tried calling him with my phone and it really hurts my packet. I always advise him to used prepaid phone card to at least save money for long distance phone bills. When i got here, i continued the routine and getting more worse. I called my family back home every other day to hear their voices. The monthly bills keeps on higher and accumulated sometimes. I know my husband wanted me to stopped calling my parents for we couldn't catch up paying our monthly bills especially when the time, he was out of job for 3 months.
So, i been looking for many months for a cheap Prepaid Phone Cards just to help lessen our monthly phone bills. Its pretty daunting task to find a cheap International Phone Cards nowadays. Especially this time of economic crisis, its pretty rare to find a cheap International long distance calls. The economy declines due to high racketing prices of gasoline and foods. It sounds frustrating when you see huge monthly phone bills coming with other bills trying to catch up the payments. So i browse online and found a website that has International Phone Cards.
Their phone cards not only offer excellent voice quality but also has great value. They got lowest rates calling card plans, best variety of phone cards to choose and secure online purchase delivery without hassles of waiting. Phone cards avenue provides cheap international phone cards and allows to save up to 80% or more over regular phone provider like at&t, sprint and such. So if your tired of paying unending big amounts of dollars to your phone provider why not try buying online this cheap prepaid phone cards in their website phone cards in the convenient of your own homes.
We are not only saving ample of money but we could enjoy the moment to call our love ones back home without worrying how much we gonna pay for long hours of chit chat of whats the latest happening in our country through our families and friends. Now, my hubby will not only be happy to find our monthly bills gets lesser and save extra money but also enjoy the excellent voice quality of every calls with his children.

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