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Sunday, May 11, 2008

High Prices Sucks

I'm really pissed off of this unending increase of gas prices. Its ridiculous! When will this high racketing prices end. Even the cost of groceries we had just bought easily inclined than last month. I couldn't figure out how to budget our daily expenses especially having many bills that we're trying to catch up. I tried applying jobs but hourly wages is not enough to cover the expenses. I cant allow my hubby to drive for me everyday for $ 9/hr for only 30 hours a week. I'm just working for nothing ... You cant blame me if our place is many miles away. Bus Transportation here is not a secure option either. I cant learned driving if we only practice once a week. I don't think so... I'm dumb headed with this driving thing... I should practice everyday but we're trying not to spend on gas. Its expensive you know... Last week while we're heading back home from the mall, a sound comes out w/c means the truck is now hungry and needed a fuel. I asked my hubby, he just got gas the other day for full tank. Then why the hell it needed gas again. Holy Cow! I better stopped going to mall from now on or just go there once a month. Its not a wise idea to go there every week spending shopping, eating in a restaurant and waste gas.
I should find ways help my hubby pay our bills or even lower our monthly expenses. That way we're not only saving our money but be together as well at our house.

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