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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ENGOBI a caffeine chips

Do you guys enjoy eating snack chips and energy drinks at the same time? Guess what, i just found ENGOBI's website w/c means energy go bites for short . If your looking for chips that infused with caffeine then this is what your looking for. My hubby is a coffee and chips lover. He used to drink coffee with chips as his snacks. I'm pretty sure he will love this delicious snacks. ENGOBI's website is going to launch an exciting new era of snacking where you will enjoy. You can choose two different flavors, the cinnamon surge and lemon lift. Each single bag consist of at least 70% of caffeine which according to them equivalent to a cup of brewed coffee or energy drinks. The suggested price of $1.29 per bag of 1.5 ounce is not that bad. ENGOBI will be distributed in grocery stores nationwide this month. I cant wait finding for this snacks in aisles at the grocery store just to taste this crunchy cinnamon flavor chips. I would definitely loved it. hmmmmmm ... yummy..... huh....

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