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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Galco Holster

Just recently, my hubby was planning to purchase a belt holster for his gun. He was working par time as security officer in an establishment and needed it so badly. Thankfully, through my constant research on net. I was able to find a Galco website known as original leather company where they sell various types of holster constructed of horsehide. It amazed me so much how they were able to continue their business for many years due to their excellent products and creative styles. The time my hubby saw it, he never hesitate to buy his choice for he like it so much. It was made from premium saddle leather, ballistic nylon and of course horsehide the way he like it to be. He want it simple but with higher quality which is really the best. At least, i made my hubby happy for he no longer walked inside the mall looking for holster making him easily exhausted. We are only saving money for transportation but we also have a free cup from them.

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