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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An exhausted day...

My hubby's boss asked me again to make some organization of his office and shop. Of course, i was glad- i will able to earn money again and not left here alone. Its better for me to get sweat than sitting my ass doing nothing. I feel useless and unproductive doing nothing. Our boss was so nice to us and told me that liked my work. I told him i was so thankful for his kindness & his help for us giving me time to work just for to earn and not get bored at home. I adore him for being workaholic despite all wealth he got. He never gets tired and keep on toiling more money from his business. I figured out how could he was not getting weary for working all day. No wonder he is getting more richer every day. But anyway, though i like working- i still feel exhausted. As a matter of fact i feel asleep for doing my task today. lol! Perhaps, i get easily tired for not working long months now. I better keep moving huh.... Plus, i got email from my boss before - a bad news that makes me more stressed. Oh why for many days, i will received such bad news today where i wanted some peace of mind. I just don't want to think about it now. It make me sick... I just cant even reply for my boss now. I don't know what to say- I'm totally speechless. My mind is not working that good and need to relax. I'm just wondering why all this undesirable challenges never stopped. I've dealt so many hard times in my life - i just cant take it no more. I'm feeling more crap each day thinking problems from my family and now with my recent boss. Oh please help me God- give me some rest for awhile. Please give me harmony for me to solved my problems. I'm kinda restless & hopeless now... hayyyyyyyyyyyyy what ta life...

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