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Monday, March 24, 2008

How i manage to lose weight

I used to be a fat when i was still in high school years. My friends and classmates called me names and make bully on me. I become more emotionally and physically stress, unable to love myself and tend to binge on eating fatty and junk foods. Until one day, I feel inlove with a guy that made me more conscious of my health and body. I try any kind of weight loss programs from not eating breakfast, diet pills and not eating after 6. You name it all, i already tried it. But one of my friend advice me to try eating low carbs high in fruits and veggies. Ofcourse, you'll find time to exercise at least 4 times a week to melt those extra pounds. Whats important for losing weight is to stick to proper nutrition and exercise. Without this both together, you'll end up gaining more twice what you've lost. I committed time for 30 minutes of cardio and 30 mins for weight training. I cook for my meals and have my list of fruits and veggies everytime we go shopping. Before, I never eat poultries and porks but i realize its not a life time. Time comes youll crave it and tend to eat more. Its not advisable not include those nutrients found in proteins to help build and repairs muscles. Though sometimes, I crave for sweets. But still i manage to eat in moderate and eventually give myself a treat. Thankfully, im near to my weight goal and hoping to maintain it for permanent weight loss. Especially when i got here, i strived not to be tempted to eat unhealthy foods. Sometimes, we cant resist not to eat more especially in restaurants and buffet. We are not perfect though! Just be positive and get motivated of your goal and youll be fine. Try to visualize a sexy person or actress that you liked most. Dont forget to treat yourself everytime you lose pounds every week. It helps make your weight loss successful.

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