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Monday, March 24, 2008


Everyone of us has its own unique struggles and challenges in life. Challenges is part of life, without it we wont grow as a human being. As what they say " a person without problems is insane". But sometimes when all this uncertainty in life would make us preoccupied leading us to give up. Some of us tend to choose the wrong options and gamble ourselves to more risky situations. If we never think the consequences of every bad actions we do, the more we suffer. As per say, In every action there is a reaction! So whatever things we intend to the people and to the community, we have to accept the consequences weither be positive or negative to us. I consider myself as among the number one person with challenges in life. I still remember from the time i was a kid till now, problems and difficulties were my tails already. I been in the times where i wanted to quit everything. The times where i failed and regretted my decisions. The times where i feel nobody would care, loved and understands me. The times i feel very hopeless and doesn't know what to do. Until one day, i found myself the moment to let go and lend myself to the Almighty God. To accept and let go all the heavy feelings i have been carrying for a long time. I know without letting go of my feelings, i'ved been in hell. But, thankfully i was able to regain control of my being to able to change and renew myself. I know challenges and hard times is along the way but I'm sure I'll able to handle it. Now, I realized whatever the Problems we will encounter if we just pray for guidance and be strong for it. No matter how worst the problems was, I know we could solved it.

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