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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I’m so excited right now. At last, I convinced my husband to buy me a new LV purse. Luckily for some reason, he sold two items in his eBay today. When I got home a couple hours ago, he showed me the picture of the bag that I wanted. He asked me if that’s the purse I liked. Of course, I would never refuse it. It’s a bit expensive than the purse I wanted to purchased but I don’t really want to wait for another year to own one. Christmas is done already. I should have something this year. LOL! I know I’m selfish. I’m just joking. I guess Santa is so nice today. He’s going to give me an LV purse because I’m a good girl this year. LOL! Gees! I can’t wait for Saturday to come. We will be heading to LV store to purchase this bag.

1 comment:

Rosemarie said...

am happy for your new LV purse.. wishing you a happy new year although its way overdue..see you around