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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeding En Masse

Guest post written by Shiela Hilmantel

It's incredible just how much work and preparation goes into one large dinner with the family. What's even more incredible is how much food we had for the day. We always plan like we are going to feed an army, and we end up with a great amount of surplus. With Thanksgiving just having ended, my husband Gregory and I have a refrigerator that is packed full of leftovers. Not only did we make a wide variety of dishes, all of our family was very generous and helped pull together one of the largest thanksgiving contributions that we've ever had. Just looking into the refrigerator, I have no idea how we are ever going to eat all of this food.

Since this food was originally for family, we are going to try to coordinate an official leftover night and see if some of our family wants to come back to help us polish out the fridge. It would be a great excuse to see everyone again. After looking up new hearing aids from, I sent out a mass email to everyone. Looks like we are all to get back together tomorrow night! This is great news.

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