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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Cheery Little House

Guest post written by Ben Bochalis

Now that Christmas is nearly here, I've been putting the finishing touches on everything around the house. The tree is decorated with all of the family ornaments, there are lights and inflatables all outside the house, and Christmas music is going on the stereo 24/7. This place must be one of the most decorated places in town! Every room in my house exudes Christmas spirit, and itÕs actually been pretty great if I do say so myself. I need to give most of the credit to my wife, since she's the one who's largely responsible for making the place look so nice and cheery. I mostly helped with getting the lights on around the outside of the house, but she's definitely the brains behind the operation! While out there, I noticed that we have a few roof and siding issues. Once the holidays are over I am going to look for Indiana Sears Home Improvement options, but right now itÕs safe to say that our light displays will overshadow any imperfections.

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