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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brittany is the Best

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I am a busy woman and am always working but not matter what I make time for my friend Brittany. We are the most unlikely pair. She is about twenty years younger than me. I am a classy gal, she is a skinny tatooed youth. I have a fulltime job, she floats around and works painting houses for her dad when he has the work available for her. I have five kids, she has none yet. I have tons of patience and she has a very short fuse. We are both very creative people. She likes art and tatoos and I like to write. We both have a genuine love for truly great people and share our creativity and love of people with one another. About once per month I set myAllhomesecurity home security system and head off to McDonalds to meet her for breakfast. She is the one person I can tell any secret to and she will never betray my trust. The beauty of being such opposites is that she really doesn't know anyone that matters to me. So even if she did tell someone my secrets no one would care. I think we all need that one friend that we can totally be ourselves with and relax with. I enjoy our friendship so much because it is completely stress and drama free.

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