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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Having Fun While Shopping for School Clothes Online

Written by Shannon Tillman

My daughter loved shopping for clothes, but I admit I usually dreaded it. Our taste was not terribly similar, and she did not understand the idea of shopping for sales and deals. With the school year about to start, I decided I would be shopping online rather than going to the mall. I told her she was welcome to help me shop online as long as she understood that I was in charge. She agreed to work with me and we decided to create a list of what we needed. She was very girly and loved having dresses and skirts to wear to school. I knew she needed some casual play clothes as well and her shoes needed to be replaced. We logged onto our hugh net internet to get online and hit my daughter's favorite store, Gymboree, first. She fell in love with everything, and I narrowed down her options to a few selections I liked as well. Once we had that purchase done, we surfed through Old Navy, Carter's and decided to browse a few higher-end boutique sites as well. Within a matter of a couple of hours, we had all her school clothes shopping done and we had actually enjoyed it. I knew this would be our method of shopping going forward as it had actually been a fun activity for us.

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